We offer a complete suite of real estate services to meet our customers’ every need, from sales and rentals, retail and commercial to property search, property finance products and real estate investment advisory services.

From conventional to out-of-the-box financing solutions, our financial professionals apply extensive expertise and experience to guide you skillfully from beginning to the end of your real estate journey in order to maximize value, minimize costs and optimize financial, accounting and tax implications.

  • Residential Sales

  • Luxury Holiday Rental

  • Hospitality and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

  • Property Search upon request

  • Financial Advisory Services and Financing Solutions

  • Property Marketing

  • Property Management

Additional services to the international buyer

  • Pre-screening and pre-selection of properties on your behalf to present you with those those that specifically match your requirements.
  • Objective and transparent orientation service and property analysis. You will not only be told about a home’s attractive features, but will also be provided with in-depth information about its location, its social, privacy and safety issues, as well as its potential and, last but not least, its legal status.
  • Video or photo reportage of the selected properties and the surroundings
  • Pre-arranged viewing itinerary to maximize your time while you are in Mallorca including pick-up at the airport, accommodation and any other services you may need while you are here.
  • Handling the back-and-forth of negotiations and contract terms
  • A reliable circle of professionals for your needs, such as lawyers, tax advisors, translators, architects and interior designers.
  • Post-purchase assistance

Our Strength

Our network of trustworthy contacts and in-depth relationships with , financial experts and strategic international partnerships, allow our clients access to unique opportunities. We offer extensive knowledge of the local market as well as a powerful international platform to showcase your property.