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Lead generation strategies to find a buyer much faster

How Do You Increase Your Business Online Visibility And Get More Leads For Your Properties?

Real Estate Lead generation tactics constantly evolve and constant change calls for a switch in marketing strategies for real estate agents. In this article we have out;ine some of the marketing strategies that will help you find a suitable buyer much faster. Lead generation strategies to find a buyer much faster First and foremost, if you want to enhance your online visibility you should optimize your...

Mallorca deluxe Team

Meet Mallorca Deluxe

Mallorca Deluxe is a diverse, innovative, and dynamic boutique brokerage servicing buyers, sellers, and investors throughout southwest Mallorca. The company gained a foothold in the Mallorca real estate market through its commitment to excellent service. As a locally owned and operated agency, their team has vast connections in the area they serve. Founded by Matthias Schmidt, a seasoned businessman...

Properties for sale Mallorca

The Real Estate Commission in Mallorca: who pays what and the Pros and Cons of For Sale By Owner

Estate agency fees are a contentious issue in Mallorca. As there is no government body to regulate real estate agencies in Spain nor is there any regulation on fees and commissions, property sales fees can be anything between 3% and 6% of the final sale price which could mean as much as €12,000 in commissions on the sale of €200,000 property. The agency fee can be added to the total sale price or...

The Power of Home Staging

When it comes to selling your home, home staging is a most powerful marketing, not only giving you a marketable advantage over the competition, but potentially allowing you to land a quick sale at a higher price. Staging accentuates a home’s best features and downplays its flaws, ensuring it shows well and makes a good first impression on prospective buyers. Nothing is more true than the quote “You...

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